Einar Egils is an award winning Icelandic director and screenwriter born and raised in Reykjavík. Einar has more than a decade of experience working in the entertainment business both in Los Angeles and in Iceland. Einar is currently in early development on a TV series, a Nordic crime drama set in the blistering cold Iceland.

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“Music Video Of The Year”
-Faroese Music Awards 2021
Eivör - “Sleep On It”


-Icelandic Music Awards “Music Video Of The Year”
-MTV Video Music Awards 2020
Best Music Video From Home
John Legend - “Bigger Love”
Co-Director (Iceland)
Gobal Director- Mishka Kornai

-Icelandic Music Awards 2020
Best Music Video
Oscar Leone - “Superstar”

-Northern Wave Film Festival
Best Short Film